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Management solutions for small and micro businesses

The EasyStart concept

EasyStart is designed to enable individual and small businesses with 2 to 10 employees to benefit from the power, flexibility and adaptability of the formidable ERP business management software, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, with a simplified, and fast implementation.

Logo EasyStart


The EasyStart product

It is a software solution created in Navision, but without modification to the standard professional software. This software automates, controls and speeds all typical business processes.

We have greatly simplified the use of Navision by masking a series of functions, zones and information that are never or rarely used in small businesses, but without removing them from the software. They therefore remain available for whenever they may be required, without our intervention. Only some additional training may be needed.


EasyStart added value

By presenting solely the information required for each particular role, and highlighting critical data, EasyStart ensures that users are quickly up and running with a minimum of training, and are therefore instantly productive.

Alongside Navision’s standard reports and listings, EasyStart comes with a range of additional reports often required by SMEs. EasyStart templates for invoices and output documents (price quotes, orders, reminders) are ready for use.

EasyStart offers all the power of a professional software system used by large organisations at a significantly reduced cost. It also makes it possible for tailored applications to be developed that are fully integrated with the core system, providing considerable added value.

EasyStart makes no modifications to the standard software so that it remains intact and can be extended in the future to meet your changing requirements, either by EOZYS or one of our counterparts. Your investment remains protected and you are not tied to one provider.