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Management solutions for small and micro businesses

Who are we?

As a provider of management solutions for VSEs and SMEs for over 20 years, we offer viable, effective, adaptive and modular management solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our approach

Total involvement in your project
Proximity: our team exchange information and communicate directly with your users.
Proactivity: we deliver real added value and focus solely on your needs.
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Microsoft Dynamics Nav (Navision)

A complete ERP solution available in 80 countries.
Thanks to its user-friendly, intuitive and role-based, (sales, finance, …) interface, you can manage all your business processes easily and effectively: financial management, manufacturing, project management, multi-site and international, sales and marketing, service management, human resources, business intelligence.
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Add-on EasyStart

Objective: to enable small businesses with 2 to 10 employees to benefit from the power, flexibility, and adaptability of the formidable ERP business management software, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, without the prohibitive outlay, and implementation and training costs required by the standard version.
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Usability before technology

We offer small and medium businesses the best technology available to large organisations, but in an easier to use and easier to implement package, tailored to the customers’ needs.

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What is an ERP solution?

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or integrated management software system.
This type of software is a core support system that enables the integrated management of business processes, defined as the interconnection and integration of all business functions within a centralised information management system.