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Management solutions for small and micro businesses

Our company

EOZYS is an information technology consultancy active sinds 1988 in the field of ERP, software systems for the integrated management of all business processes, such as purchasing, sales, financial, manufacturing and stock management.

Thanks to twenty years’ experience in management solutions, we have an in-depth understanding of all types of IT structures, be they for VSEs, SMEs or large organisations (references).

EOZYS offers small and medium businesses a complete management solution with all the services required for the management of daily operations.

Our aim is to provide these businesses with viable, effective, adaptive and modular management solutions, carefully tailored to their specific needs.

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What makes EOZYS different ?

A personalised approach

Support services

As well as being experts in information technology, we are first and foremost experts in listening to our customers’ needs and in understanding their problems, their environment and their workforce.

We step into our customers’ shoes, we identify their issues, and we see things from the end user’s perspective. We are totally committed to providing a comprehensive and reliable service, assisting in all possible circumstances. We are flexible in our working hours (we can also visit customers during evenings and weekends).

Proximity and communication


When our customers say yes, they are choosing our company for the service rather than the technology we provide. Our team are in constant communication with your users and respond quickly and effectively to every request.     

We provide real added value and focus on what is best for the customer, not just on delivering a product that meets standard technical requirements.

Usability before technology

We offer small and medium businesses the best technology available to large organisations, but in an easier to use and easier to implement package, tailored to the customers’ needs.